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It is that time of year again when the i’s need dotting and the t’s need crossing particularly around CAO final choices. The decisions you make around your preferences on the CAO application form are very important as such decisions will determine your future career path.

At GMIT Mayo campus we cater for a wide variety of courses leading to successful careers in many different areas.

Therefore if you are interested in business, technology, the outdoors, history & geography, caring for people, social care, early childhood and construction why not consider including the following courses on your CAO form.

• Interested in business and making money? Then you should consider our business and accounting courses (GA886, GA878, GA877, GA869, GA860).

• Interested in adventure activities and the outdoors together with the environment and personal development? Check out our outdoor education courses (GA885, GA870).

• Interested in technology? Consider our digital media and society course (GA884).

• Interested in history and geography? The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History and Geography and the Bachelor of Arts in Culture & the Environment with Tourism is for you (GA887, GA872, GA862).

• Interested in caring for people? Choose general and/ or psychiatric nursing (GA880, GA882).

• Interested in social care? Our courses in applied social care are for you. (GA879, GA889).

• Interested in education for young children? Why not take our Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Care & Education (GA871).

• Interested in the working in the construction industry? Check out our courses in construction management or sustainable building technology as your first preference (GA888, GA875, GA861).

A medium sized campus

GMIT Mayo is a higher education campus located in Castlebar Co. Mayo with the popular tourist destination of Westport on its doorstep. The campus is a medium sized campus situated in a county with astonishing scenery, an unspoilt natural environment including mountains, lakes, rivers and rugged coastline on the Wild Atlantic Way.

The friendliness and warmth of the staff on the campus makes GMIT a place where students can focus on their studies avoiding the pressures of modern city life. Accommodation is very affordable and there are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved in extracurricular activities while at the same time achieving their higher education qualification.

Apart from the excellent education students receive while on campus there are great opportunities for students to develop personally supported through our teaching and learning teams on campus and additional supports we provide such as academic writing, numeracy support and information technology support.

The CHANGE OF MIND FACILITY on the CAO gives you the opportunity to enter your first preferences to match your talents and put you on the pathway to a successful career. Think long term, choose carefully and give the GMIT Mayo campus serious consideration for your first preferences.

Details of all our courses are available at

We also accept direct applications for advanced entry to all our different programmes including the Higher Certificate in Science in Information Technology Support, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Administration and the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Information Technology Support. It is possible to apply for such courses through

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