Ireland Skills Live Careers Fair

This is going to be the careers fair like no other. 3D Game of Thrones dragons. Virtual reality engines. Aeronautical engineering demos. Architectural design displays. All live over three days.

If you know of any students who just might march to the beat of a different drum, which probably describes everyone you teach, the RDS Simonscourt next March 21-23 will be the place to be. Ireland Skills Live will attract tens of thousands of students over the three days.

For the first time ever, a national expo of apprenticeships, skills and trades will be on show to the public, linking together the worlds of higher education and Irish industry; creativity and design, hospitality engineering and construction. Live competitions, demonstrations, hero stages, and a recruitment zone will all come together.

Opportunities on offer

And most importantly students an careers guidance teachers will see the opportunities on offer in the world of Irish apprentices. Currently there are 15,000 apprentices learning and crucially earning on the job, training in industry and trade which will empower them in their employment sector for the rest of their lives. 

The area is only growing exponentially and according to the Minister for Education Joe McHugh Ireland Skills Live is the first of many and it will continue to expand.

“This new vibrant event will completely modernise the apprenticeship, bringing it into the 21st century and public consciousness. It is so important to engage not just with the students but also their parents and teachers; Ireland Skills Live will afford that opportunity and will offer alternatives and life choices to students.

“There can be no stronger way to highlight career opportunities than to experience the national skills finals first-hand and listen to some of our most successful business people talk about how they started out, as young apprentices, to become industry leaders and champions.”

For years, Irish apprentices have excelled on the global stage, winning medals at World Skills competitions, now it is time to show off their brilliance at home.

Prospective future employees

Industry leaders on show to meet their prospective future employees include SISK, CIF, Failte Ireland, the ESB, Designer Group, Jones Engineering and Aer Lingus.

Sodexo catering and Delatto hotels will be present in the hospitality sector with Chefs Network demonstrating live cookery and service skills.

Among the new digital industry present with be Autodesk, global leaders in digital 3D design, architectural virtual reality and media special effects.

Talking life experiences

And to add to all that there will be heroes talking about their life experiences; chefs, heads of engineering, operations directors, and CEOs, sharing their stories and how it all started with an apprenticeship.

The HEA and the Department of Education are among the primary sponsors of Ireland Skills Live.

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