Equinox: Studying abroad – everything you need to know, but did not know where to ask?

Why Study Abroad? 

Despite the inevitable increasing global competition for jobs, it is often remarked that Irish graduates lack the international experience, language capabilities and cross-cultural communication skills necessary to succeed in the global economy. 

With a limited number of students (compared to our European Neighbours) studying abroad at some point in their academic career, we have a long way to go. 

Making study abroad a part of their education (not only academic but all sorts of learning!) is the most effective and accessible means for students of any age to develop needed skills because it pushes a student to get out of his/her comfort zone to experience another culture, language, and environment and education system.

How do I go about it? 

A. That’s where Equinox Education Services come in! Equinox Education Services Ltd, is a multi-award-winning Irish company specialising in tailor-made cultural, touristic and educational programmes in Ireland and overseas for students of all ages. 

Equinox partner with quality schools and institutes worldwide to facilitate everything from immersive language courses for secondary school students (school groups and individuals) and intensive courses for adults and business people. 

For the more discerning, mature traveler, Equinox also arranges cultural trips which allow for the learning of a second language through activities such as cooking or art history. Equinox’s philosophy is simple ‘to broaden education for everyone in the context of learning a language and immersing yourself in other cultures!’ 

Some of the Programmes Equinox’s partners offer include:

• Short / Long Term Language Programmes (Juniors and Adults) 

• School Trips and Tours

• Language and cultural Programmes like French and Cooking

• High School Programmes

• TY Programmes overseas

• Over 50s Programmes for our more mature students

• Adventure Programmes

• Soccer Academy

• Many more.

What Equinox’s students say

“Equinox Education Services were excellent from start to finish. They found us a choice of summer camps in France last year which we were looking for our sixteen-year-old daughter to attend to improve her French and have fun in a safe environment. 

They took a lot of care to help us decide on a course that suited her ability and interests and personality. It was her first time abroad travelling herself, so we were anxious, but Equinox were very reassuring, their expertise and experience ensured all went smoothly. I would recommend Equinox for peace of mind when choosing a language course abroad for teenagers”.  

Sophie Byrne, mother of Madeline Byrne pictured (Ireland)

Use Equinox’s Trip Builder to build your own trip!
To access visit www.equinoxlearnabroad.com/study-abroad/
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