Something for everyone in the class at GoQuest

GoQuest is the live scoring, fully automated, indoor multi challenge themed arena for adults, teenagers and older children. Each arena has 28 unique challenge rooms for groups of up to 100 to try and complete during a fun filled session (Yes that’s 56 unique challenges over the two venues).
The wide variety of challenges are why it’s proving so popular for Transition year groups and dozens of TY groups have returned this year. The rooms are a mix of light-physical, skill and mental challenges and with three levels of difficulty there really is something for everyone.
Each GoQuest venue comprises four themed zones and is fully automated with live scoring. At the end the group are brought together for results and scores and of course the winners are announced. Some groups are all about the scoring and get very competitive while others are more determined to pass certain rooms and not as worried about the winners, it’s always up to each team to decide.
GoQuest can open early every day (except Monday) for groups of 35+ and (with pre-booking) is open early every Tuesday anyway which can suit smaller classes. Very large groups of over 100 can double up over back to back sessions or split the group over our two unique venues in north and south Dublin.

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