Uninest, the best cribs for students in Dublin

If you are looking for the ultimate student living experience, Uninest Student Residences is the place for you. Building on 25-years of international practice, high quality properties across the globe and the dream to make a real difference to students lives, Uninest offers the best student stay you can get in Dublin.

The residences are modern, safe and stylish with plenty of social spaces such as a common room, cinema room, music room, VR room and even a bowling alley all included in the fees together with utility bills, fast fixes and a first-rate friendly staff. 

The amazing onsite Management Teams are there to support their residents and organize lots of events, making it easy to meet and socialise with other like-minded students living in the building. They know how hard it can be moving out of home and into a residence away from family and friends, so they have taken out all the worries to give students the best stay they could get.

Five Promises

Uninest Student Residences make 5 promises to its customers that reflect the quality of their accommodation, these are:

1. If things break or go wrong in our buildings we’ll fix them quickly and cheerfully.

2. We’ll actively seek student involvement in our company through placements so we make sure our offer is being shaped by actual customers.

3. The people who work in your building have been hired for their integrity, friendliness and willingness to go that bit further.

4. We’ll be upfront about all the costs you’ll face when living with us.

5. We know we can’t get everything right all of the time, so we will read and consider all of your suggestions on how to improve our service.

Seven to choose from

The hardest part will be deciding which residence to live in as there are seven to choose from – all conveniently located for travelling to the Dublin Colleges. 

The best bit doesn’t stop there, since Uninest offers a mixture of shared flats and studios with a wide range of contract lengths. If you’re looking for just a short stay or fancy calling Uninest your home for a couple of years – this is the perfect option for you. 

Check out all the locations at unineststudents.ie and book your room before it’s too late!

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