Accredited Mandarin Chinese language for adults, students and children

The Institute of Chinese Language and Culture provides Chinese language learning, officially licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Education in China. We provide Mandarin Chinese language lessons in Co. Dublin, to adults & children in addition to Irish companies & business professionals, college students & graduates. In partnership with Hutong School, China; students can learn Chinese in Co. Dublin, Ireland or in Beijing & Shanghai, China.

Business Chinese
Our one to one business Chinese courses use industry specific business Chinese and explore business culture in China. These courses enable participants to do business more effectively with Chinese counterparts.

China based Courses & Internships
Our executive programs & entrepreneurship camps enable participants to cooperate with 100’s of partner companies in China, ranging from local to multinational in Beijing & Shanghai. Our internship program enables students & grads to choose from a variety of top-rated internships across our network of China based companies.

Mandarin Chinese for children
We provide specially developed Mandarin Chinese language learning that boosts brain power, linguistic & cognitive ability and cultural understanding in children.
These Chinese programs focus on enhancing the young learners listening, speaking, reading & writing skills; developing the children’s linguistic skills, cultural awareness and critical thinking while providing them with the tools to communicate and excel on a global stage.
The programs for schools is delivered on-site in primary and secondary schools across Co.Dublin as extra-curricular, optional after-school activities or as Transition Year modules and our private one to one, group and after-school Chinese language courses are delivered on campus in Dun Laoghaire.
“Join the millions of new Mandarin Chinese language learners around the world and take a course of one to one, group or online Mandarin Chinese language lessons”

Award winning teaching methodology
Our optimized teaching methodology focuses on building better foundations for Mandarin Chinese memorization and understanding of the logic of sentence patterns & character construction. This learning methodology has been proven to speed up and significantly enhance Chinese language comprehension and overall learning in Western adults and children.

Adult Chinese Courses
Our adult Chinese language courses have been developed to empower students to communicate in Mandarin Chinese from the very first class. Whether for cultural exploration, impending travel to China or simply for a new challenge; adults can learn Chinese at their convenience and their own pace with small group, private one to one or online Chinese lessons at the Institute of Chinese Language and Culture.

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