Perfecting student presentations

Regardless of their academic or career ambitions, there is one skill that is universally beneficial to every student in Ireland. The ability to deliver a concise, effective and engaging presentation not only allows students give voice to their thoughts and expressions. 

It is a skill which can be used to bolster self confidence, improve interview prospects, hone debating skills and master the art of pitches and presenting.

Working with thousands of students all over Ireland as part of our radio and podcasting workshop we’ve seen how a little bit of structured guidance can vastly improve students presentation skills. Our workshop takes an innovative approach, combining interactive facilitated classroom sessions with onsite recording in our high spec mobile recording studio.

Students get to put their presentation training into practise, generating ideas and creating scripts which they then get to record.

Whenever we ask, feedback from teachers and principals is extremely positive. In particular, they are impressed by the way in which we can help students significantly improve presentation abilities as well as unleashing their own creative potential.


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