University of Pécs

SINCE it opened its doors in 1367, University of Pécs has positioned itself high on the higher education world map among Universities which build up future generations of modern society and offer excellent education. 

Being one of the most internationalized universities in Hungary, UP is today home to more than 4500 foreign students from over 114 countries. 

The heart of Europe 

The multi campus town of Pécs is known as the heart of Europe where history and tradition meet modern life. Choosing to study in the European Capital of Culture of 2010, one becomes a part of a lively multicultural community. 

Offering almost 70 study programs, the University offers for everybody’s affinities something, so the students who decide to study in Pécs can fulfill their dreams of prospective careers not just in business, medicine, social and natural science, but also IT, engineering and arts. Among them are the BA and MA program in Psychology. 

Designed to lead to careers 

The program of studying men’s behavior at UP, founded on biological and social science, is designed to lead to careers in clinical, counselling, educational, forensic, health or occupational psychology. Through a practicum-orientated curriculum, students have the opportunity to gain specific knowledge which is awarded a valuable EU degree for an affordable tuition fee.

Psychology BA program’s courses deal with the following disciples:

1. General and Cognitive Psychology

2. Evolutionary Psychology

3. Developmental Psychology

4. Personality Psychology

5. Social Psychology

6. Foundations of Psychological Methodology

7. Special Applied Fields of Psychology

Psychology MA students gain special knowledge in the field of Counselling and School Psychology. They will study the methodologies and instruments used in psychology, and will be able to use these with individuals, groups or organizations especially schools for their understanding and development. 

The program provides adequate training to acquire further, legally stipulated, specialized qualifications in the various fields of psychology. They are prepared to continue their studies at the doctoral level.

“The multi campus town of Pécs is known as the heart of Europe where history and tradition meet modern life”

For more information on the programs email the International Office at or visit the

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