Nursing or Midwifery at Trinity College

We asked 3rd year student Ida Lis about her experiences as a Children’s and General Nursing student.

Why did you apply to nursing in Trinity? 

Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in healthcare and wellbeing. All courses on my CAO were nursing related. TCD is the top ranked nursing school in Ireland and it places in the top 50 in the world, which I found impressive. TCD’s location was also a huge factor I considered as I commute to college daily. Children’s and General Nursing in TCD was my first choice as I absolutely love working with children. 

What was it like on your first week in Trinity? 

It was incredibly exciting! The atmosphere in the front square during Freshers Week was electric. I was delighted to be starting college. Trinity College has an amazing Student2Student mentoring programme where every first year class group gets assigned two or more mentors from more senior years. 

They gave us a tour of the campus and were available to help us settle in. They kept in touch for the whole year and we could reach out if we had any issues or questions. Looking back now, I joined way too many societies in first year! The majority of them were healthcare and science related. Getting involved definitely helped me settle in and feel more a part of the college community.

Now that you are well into your course, what are you enjoying most and why?

My favourite part of the course is definitely applying theory to practice. It is the moment on clinical placement when I remember covering a topic in lectures and can use that knowledge to provide care. 

It reminds me exactly why I chose to study nursing in the first place and makes the experience an even more rewarding one.

What opportunities have you availed of outside of the curriculum? 

Trinity has provided me with some incredible opportunities in the last two years. I became a first year mentor, the student representative for the faculty of Health Sciences in the Student’s Union and was a founding member of the Dublin University Nursing and Midwifery Society (DUNMS). 

Getting involved in extra-curricular activities has enriched my experience in Trinity. Last year, I was fortunate enough to be awarded a full scholarship to represent my school in Duke University, North Carolina. There, I completed a summer programme called “Exploring Global Patterns of Health and Illness” and interacted with nursing students from different parts of the world. It was unforgettable and I will always be grateful for such a wonderful experience. 

I have also participated in the school’s conferences as a Student Ambassador. These experiences have introduced me to incredible people and have allowed me to grow as a person. I truly believe there is something for every student in Trinity.

What do you want to do when you graduate? 

My plan has always been to continue with my studies. I have always had a huge interest in research. Over my time in Trinity, I have been inspired by my Professors and lecturers to eventually pursue a PhD. Trinity will definitely be my first choice for postgraduate study because I feel at home here and I know I would receive the best possible education and support.

Finally, can you give any advice to a secondary student who might like to do nursing or midwifery at TCD?

Trinity opens doors for nursing students by providing outstanding teaching and excellent placements. TCD’s nursing and midwifery degrees are recognised and respected world-wide. There is a great sense of community where students can thrive. 


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