Kilkenny’s Medieval Mile Museum

Kilkenny’s Medieval Mile Museum is offering schools the opportunity to address the new Junior Cycle History Specification through a unique museum experience at a rate of just €5 per pupil.

Of the three strands within the new specification, The Nature of History is the key, unifying strand that focuses on history as a discipline. The museum’s Curator, Grace Fegan is a professional archaeologist and is uniquely placed to assist students develop an historical consciousness, learn to work with evidence, acquiring the ‘bigger picture’ through interactions with the museum’s collections.

Grace meets students on site and engages them in a 30-minute seminar on the skills and concepts that inform the learning of history. Central to this seminar is the new exhibition of human remains – a unique opportunity to view primary evidence and discover the layers of research that have led to a fuller picture of life and death in medieval Ireland. Students have time to investigate the museum, using a worksheet designed to consider the key learning outcomes.


If you book your 2020 visit before the end of December 2019, your class will be entered into a draw to win a free craft workshop and gallery tour at the nearby National Design and Craft Gallery. Terms and conditions are detailed below.

To book simply email 

(The museum visit must take place before 28th February 2020. The craft workshop and gallery tour can be provided to a maximum of 30 students and the date/time of the visit is subject to availability. The gallery visit must take place before 31st May 2020.)


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