Tech Apprenticeships championed by more than 90 employers

FIT are Ireland’s appointed coordinating providers of the new National Tech Apprenticeships at Level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications.

As Ireland’s Tech Sector continues to boom, why not consider the apprenticeship route to kick-start your career? 

If you enjoy learning by doing, gaining invaluable experience, and getting paid at the same time, then this is for you!  

What is the ICT Associate Professional Apprenticeship programme? 

This new apprenticeship programme adopts a learning-by-doing format of ICT skills development, giving new meaning to the concept of ‘hire education’. Over a two year period the programme combines off-the-job skills training with on-the-job application, and culminates in the attainment of the ICT Associate Apprenticeship Award as part of the national apprenticeship programme. 

Participating companies are keen to recruit smart people with smart skills and this new programme will enable participants to ‘earn while they learn’. 

FIT are Ireland’s appointed coordinating providers of the new National Tech Apprenticeships at Level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications. These Apprenticeships aim to attract and grow the talent pipeline by providing training in Software Development, Network Engineering and Cybersecurity. 

Tech enthusiasts in high demand 

To date, more than 90 companies have employed Tech Apprentices in a bid to build a diverse tech team. Tech talent is everywhere and the apprenticeship route offers those who enjoy applying their knowledge to a real-life working environment the perfect chance to kick-start their career. 

Just some of the companies looking to the apprenticeship as an innovative talent strategy include: LinkedIN, Central Bank, ESB, Vodafone, HSC, Google, Opennet, Integrity 360, Microsoft, SAP and many more!

What are the key benefits to the apprentice?

Gain direct experience in a real-time technical environment ensuring increased productivity

Acquire in-depth understanding of the latest technologies supporting innovation

Develop business and interpersonal skills such as teamwork, customer-facing skills and project management.

Who can apply?

Age: 18+ at time of application. All ages welcome thereafter.

Qualifications: Leaving Certificate (5 passes at Ordinary Level including Maths and English)†. 

Candidates with other qualifications should refer to the FIT website for details of recognition of prior learning. All candidates must also meet Aptitudes Assessments administered by FIT.

Attitude: Motivated tech enthusiasts with an aptitude and attitude to work in the ICT sector.

Tech sector needs more women!

Tech sector employers are keen to point out that they are seeking more female entrants.  Gender balance is seen as key to the future success of companies and they are reaching out to females who can expect to benefit from great work environments, career progression and support for continuous professional development.

Career opportunities in tech are both varied and rewarding, with strong demand for more women creators, team builders, business developers and leaders. So join in and create the future!

Partnership Approach

Peter Davitt, CEO of FIT, explained that the new tech apprenticeships were as a result of a strong partnership approach between government, the tech sector and the national education and training system.

He praised the role of the Department of Education, the Apprenticeship Council, SOLAS and QQI for providing the policy and implementation structures necessary to enable new apprenticeships to flourish.

In particular he acknowledged the key role of Education and Training Boards who are partnering with FIT throughout the country in the delivery of the training elements of the tech apprenticeships.

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