Join the best Biomedical Sciences Master’s in the Netherlands!

At the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Radboud University, our programmes in Biomedical Sciences  and Molecular Mechanisms of Disease offer you the best available preparation for your future career in research, consultancy or communication. 

We are looking for smart, global visionaries who want to solve health care issues in the lab and in the field, to minimise the impact of diseases for humans and humankind. Do you have a bachelor’s degree in biology, biomedical sciences or related area and are you an ambitious student? 

Join one of our 2-year Msc degrees and become part of our cutting-edge research institutes: the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences, the Donders Centre for Medical Neuroscience and the Radboud Institute for Health Sciences.

Molecular Mechanisms of Disease is a highly selective Research Master,  with a focus on becoming a researcher, or continuing with a PhD, in the field of molecular and cellular biology.

Biomedical Sciences is a very broad Master’s with opportunities to design your own programme to fit your interest on the level of molecule, man or population and with a choice of three career profiles; research, communication, consultancy.

Why study Molecular Mechanisms of Disease or Biomedical Sciences at Radboud University?

⎬ Specialise in your own specific field of interest and become part of a research team.

⎬ Focus on translational research – from bench to bedside – , as both programmes are set in the hospital (Radboudumc).

⎬ Participate in our PD proposal competition!

⎬ Boost your CV by doing two internships (also options abroad!). Our students are highly sought-after, with internships at e.g. Oxford and Cambridge.

⎬ Enroll at a high ranking university – Top 200 in international rankings and the best comprehensive university in the Netherlands with some programmes rated as ‘Top programme’.

⎬ Live in the oldest city in the Netherlands – Nijmegen – with its rich social and cultural life. Housing will be provided, or assisted with.

⎬ Join our orientation week, introduction weekend, social events and buddy project to make the most of your experience!





What’s App: +31 6 4695 1068

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