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The University of Debrecen is one of Central Europe’s top educational institutions and offers a wide range of internationally recognized academic courses in Medical, Business, IT and Agricultural programs among many others to its 28,000 students – 6,300 of which are foreign students from 120 countries. The university was established in 1538.

Debrecen is a charming and fast-growing town of around 200,000 habitants in the heart of Europe with an international airport as well as train connections and direct highways to other European cities like Vienna, Krakow and Prague. 

Teaching hospital

The university is proud to be the only institution in the region that is certified to organize the Kaplan USMLE Step 1 Preparatory Course, and the MCCQE1 Preparatory Course which are held each summer. The campus is home to the largest teaching hospital in Hungary with more than 2,900 beds.

The university offers medical programs with worldwide accreditation, including the World Health Organization, the New York State Education Department, the Medical Board of California and the Medical Councils of Israel, Ireland, Iran and Norway.

“Studying at the University of Debrecen is much more than acquiring knowledge. Just during my first year I already made life-long friendships, got to play handball with the Medical faculty team and was able to experience research first-hand. 

“The facilities are well equipped to fully deliver the lectures and practices which makes learning easier and straightforward. The community life and the support from the senior students are also a strong point at the university.”

Felipe Salignac Brasil, Brazil, Medicine, MSc

“I chose the University of Debrecen because I think it’s one of the best universities in Europe. The opportunities offered at the Faculty of Pharmacy were really above and beyond anything else that I had seen before. 

“The beautiful campus, top-notch professors and great facilities in laboratories are some of the best things about this university.” Sepahizia Sina, Iran, Pharmacy, MSc 

“Teachers and staff at the Faculty of Dentistry are very experienced, humble, friendly and they are keen on sharing their knowledge, give students practical advice and talk to students like a friend. 

“We have been able to attend a fair amount of lab classes since first year which has greatly enriched my hands-on experience and sharpened my manual techniques.”

Huang Zhishan, China, Dentistry, MSc

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