Explore Ireland’s marine environment and biodiversity

Galway Atlantaquaria is the National Aquarium of Ireland. As Ireland’s largest Native Species Aquarium, we are the perfect location for school tours, field trips and workshops based around Ireland’s diverse marine environment and biodiversity, sustainability, environmental awareness, care and ecology investigation.

We cater for students of all ages, with options available to pre-school, primary, secondary and third level educational needs. 

We are located on the seafront in Salthill, within easy access to parking, food service providers and habitats to explore.

Educational options

Our educational options include:

·  Galway Field Studies Modules including Grassland and Seashore Ecology Investigations (secondary level only)

·  Seashore Safaris (preschool and primary)*

·  Animal anatomy workshop based around a squid dissection (primary and secondary)*

·  Engineering Workshops based on designing  flood defences* (primary and secondary)

·  Maths Workshop based around tank design in the aquarium (primary and secondary)

·  Sustainability Workshop based on fisheries and sustainable food production (secondary)

·  Marine Litter Workshop based on materials and environmental awareness and care, and responsible personal choices. Option to include a beach clean on our local shore available to schools. (primary and secondary)

·  Water Investigations Workshop based on the properties and characteristics of water and the oceans. (pre-school and primary)*

*DPSM accredited workshops.

All workshops include a one hour guided tour of the aquarium.  

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