Online career assessment with ETC Consult

We have been asking our clients for 36 years to finish the following sentence:

“I would love a job that………………”

The most common responses have been:
……would enable me to help others
……would allow me to use my strengths
……would be interesting
……would offer me a challenge
……would not be the same every day
……would pay well

Our new, online Career Fit programme provides our clients with a personalised list of the jobs that will fit those criteria based on their individual mix of interests and aptitudes as well as unfolding job opportunities.

What is Career Fit?

Career Fit is a scientifically-validated online career assessment created by ETC Consult. At ETC Consult, our Managing Director Pat Shortt and his team have 35 years of experience of using aptitude and interest assessments to help thousands of people find their ideal job and career.

If you are looking for a professional, accredited and inexpensive career guidance assessment to help you find the practical jobs that are ideal for you, then Career Fit is just the right approach for you to take. However, Career Fit not only tells you what jobs are right for you, it also advises you about the best way to go about getting into them.


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