Liberties College – the Pathway to YOUR future

Established well over 50 years ago, Liberties College has earned its well-deserved reputation as a major player in the area of Further Education and Training in Dublin.

Situated in the heart of the Liberties and just a stone’s throw from bustling Grafton Street, we attract students from all corners of Ireland as well as from all over Dublin and its surrounding areas.

Our range of courses caters for school leavers, people who wish to upskill or re-skill, as well as people returning to education.

With over 600 students across our two campuses, the mix of nationalities, ages, backgrounds and experiences makes for an exciting culture and atmosphere in the College.

In addition to the academic schedule, students engage in a variety of extracurricular activities including practical workshops, seminars, educational and cultural trips, visits, shows and a range of hobby and relaxation options – so in such a busy college, with so much happening, you’ll always have an interesting calendar.

This year, Liberties College introduced 3 New Courses:

1. Textiles – Heritage Crafts Revival and Renewal

This course focuses on developing artistic skills, techniques and knowledge, based on the traditional crafts of weaving, embroidery, lace making and felting.

Students receive the QQI Level 5 Award in Design 5M2208

2. Pre-Apprenticeship in Software Development 

This course prepares students to progress into the FIT Apprenticeship in software Development, where they can “Earn as they Learn”, in companies such as, Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Linkedin and many more.

Students receive the QQI Level 5 Award in Software Development

3. National Tour Guiding Award with Business Option

This course is for people who have a genuine interest in their locality and are enthusiastic about sharing Ireland’s history, tradition, culture and folklore with others.

The business option provides an insight into running your own business. Students will receive the QQI Level 6 Special Purpose Award in National Tour Guiding together with The QQI Level 6 Award in Tourism with Business.

The feedback received from graduates of Liberties College has been excellent over the years. Many highlight the new skills and confidence gained, which enabled then to take up employment in their chosen area or gain entry to third level institutions to complete Level 7 or Level 8 Degrees, Masters Degrees and even PhDs….

“Liberties College was the catalyst for everything I have done in my life since I left there in 2004, with a Certificate in Youth Work and Community Development – it started a journey that would transform my life. 

“I completed a degree in youth work, became a project leader in the John Bosco Youth Centre, where I’ve worked for the past 14 years and am currently studying for a master’s degree in PR and Journalism.

“Liberties College is as much about personal development as it is about academic development and it helped me believe in myself and showed me what I could achieve”

Stephen Sharpe, Youth Studies 2004

“I enjoyed every moment of TAP. This eye-opening course has reversed my attitude towards education and prepared me for university. 

“Most importantly, it lighted a spark of interest in the world around me, which I’ll keep forever. I believe the unique opportunity to study at Trinity College afterwards puts TAP ahead of most other PLCs in the country.”

Daniel Craig, TAP Student 2018

Completing my Travel & Tourism Level 5 Course at Liberties College has opened up a world of opportunities for me. 

“I have since graduated as an official Cabin Crew Member with Emirates and have been travelling all over the world”

Shannon Foley, Travel & Tourism 2015

“I received huge amounts of support and encouragement from all the tutors at Liberties College. 

“I currently work as a Programme Facilitator in a day service for adults with disabilities, whilst completing my degree in Social Care at night”


Our Guidance and support services take enormous pride in helping students to reach their potential and a range of student supports are provided in this regard.

It is gratifying each year to see our students blossoming, as they engage in courses and activities that interest and inspire them. Many discover individual skills and qualities they weren’t even aware they possessed. 

So, if you’re looking for a way to kick start your career, in a progressive and supportive environment, just log on for more info to our website and follow us on Facebook, Instagram at #libertiescollege…… And twitter @LibertiesCollD8

Looking forward to seeing you in Liberties College, the pathway to further study and to your future career.
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