Training Services at Kilkenny and Carlow ETB

Training Services at Kilkenny and Carlow ETB offer an extensive range of free full time training programmes for young people and adults who wish to develop the skills and competencies that are required for the workplace and/or progression to further education and training opportunities. 

All of our courses lead to nationally and internationally industry recognised accreditation. Furthermore, many of our courses lead directly into employment.


A Traineeship is an occupational skills development programme which is designed to provide flexible training solutions to the identified needs of Irish industry and local businesses. 

Traineeships gives participants the opportunity to develop cutting edge skills and knowledge on-the-job, making them more skilled, more employable and enhancing their career options and enables employers to access a pipeline of talent and learners.

Traineeships are structured learning programmes which lead to awards at NFQ levels 4-6. They are between 6-20 months in duration and learners will complete at least 30% of learning on the job.

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Generation Apprenticeships

The SOLAS Standards Based Apprenticeship is a system of employment focused training and education which enables an individual to obtain the knowledge, skills and competencies required to perform effectively as a craft person in industry. 

It also enables the individual to progress through further education and training within the national framework of qualifications leading to a QQI level 6 Advanced Craft Certificate.

Apprenticeship has long been an accelerator for individual and corporate development in Ireland. Generation Apprenticeship is a major expansion project to more than double the number of learners of all ages and backgrounds taking the apprenticeship route. 

This promises to be a huge source of inspiration in opening apprenticeship into a full range of twenty-first century industries and skill sets.

SOLAS has the responsibility for promoting and overseeing the training and education of all the apprentices in the current 27 designated crafts. 

A national standard is delivered for each craft based on the occupational analysis of that craft, written as key learning outcomes and structured in modular format. 

New Apprenticeships

New Apprenticeships are currently available and are being developed in conjunction with SOLAS and lead industrial consortia across a wide range of industries and sectors, some of which include

New Apprenticeships will combine practical on-the-job learning in sponsor companies, with off-the-job training, which will be delivered by the ETBs and/ or recognised training and education providers. This will allow Apprentices to develop technical knowledge through formal qualifications, as well as key workplace skills and competencies through experiential learning.

The programmes will lead to QQI awards from level 5 to 9 on the NFQ. The duration of these apprenticeships will range from two to four years, depending on the chosen field of learning and the degree of difficulty involved in meeting the learning outcomes for the particular apprenticeship programme.

Community Training

The community Training centres (CTC’s) provide training to early school leavers aged between 16 and 21 years, who are most in need of basic vocational training. This training provision is divided between in centre learning and linked work experience. Courses lead to Major awards at QQI Level 3 and 4 or VTCT awards.

New Apprenticeships are currently available and are being developed in conjunction with SOLAS and lead industrial consortia across a wide range of industries and sectors, some of which include:
• Accounting Technician, Level 6
• Industrial Electrical Engineer, Level 7
• Commis Chef, Levels 6 
• Financial Services, Levels 6-8
• Insurance Practitioner, Level 8 
• Manufacturing Engineer, Level 7
• Polymer Processing Technologist, Level 7 
 • Manufacturing Technician, Level 7
• ICT Network Engineer, Level 6 
• ICT Software Developer, Level 6
The 27 designated crafts are as follows:
• Agricultural Mechanics * 
• Aircraft Mechanics *
• Brick and Stonelaying 
• Carpentry & Joinery
• Construction Plant Fitting * 
• Electrical *
• Electrical Instrumentation * 
• Electronic Security Systems *
• Farriery • Floor & Wall Tiling *
• Heavy Vehicle Mechanics * 
• Industrial Insulation
• Instrumentation * 
• Metal Fabrication
• Motor Mechanics* 
• Painting & Decorating *
• Pipefitting 
• Plastering
• Plumbing * 
• Print Media *
• Refrigeration & Air Conditioning * 
• Stonecutting & Stonemasonry
• Sheet Metalworking 
• Toolmaking
• Vehicle Body Repairs * 
• Wood Manufacturing and Finishing
• Mechanical Automation and Maintenance – MAMF *
* A person wishing to become an apprentice in one of the trades marked * must pass a colour–vision test approved by SOLAS.
Our Contact Details:
Office: Training Services, Kilkenny and Carlow Education and Training Board, Unit 4 Danville Business
Park Kilkenny 056 7813014
Training Centre: Unit K, IDA Business Park, Purcellsinch, Dublin Rd, Kilkenny 056 789456

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