Galway Atlantaquaria – Educate, Engage and Inspire

Have you considered visiting Galway Atlantaquaria, where we showcase the world of water, from the river to the Sea? We deliver in-house education, outreach and are part of a number of school programmes includes Discover Primary Science and Maths, and the Explorers Education Programme, funded by the Marine Institute.

Teacher workshops

We have experience in delivering teacher and pre-service teacher workshops with DPSM, the Explorers Education Programme and the Junior Cycle for Teachers, working with the Aistear Curriculum and carrying our intergenerational projects so we can work with your group no matter what their age.

Range of topics

We have experience working with topics such as living things (marine and freshwater), sustainability, consumption and waste, climate change and the impact on our ocean, caring for our ocean food sustainability, renewable ocean energy and evaluating learning and impact. 

We carry out secondary school modules including a range of fieldwork ecology options. We are part of the BIAZA and EAZA networks, and are part of the Irish Ocean Literacy Network, helping us to collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders and organisations across the world.

Passionate about education

We are passionate about conservation, education and our ocean and rivers, and are happy to collaborate and work with 3rd party organisations on workshops, recordings, content development and educational deliverables. 

Contact for enquiries.

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