Met Eireann and NUIG team up on North Atlantic climate research

To improve understanding of the impact of the North Atlantic climate system on Ireland, Met Éireann is teaming up with climate researchers from NUI Galway – Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) to collaborate on a four-year project to improve its modelling using EC-Earth’s state-of-the-art Earth system model.

EC-Earth is developed by a Europe-wide consortium of which Met Éireann is a core partner. Two additional Irish partners include ICHEC and UCD. Global climate simulations using EC-Earth contributed to the IPCC AR6 WG I report published in 2021. 

The consortium has recently begun development of the next version of the model, EC-Earth4, which will be used to inform the next IPCC assessment report, AR7. 

This research project will contribute to this development, in particular improving the model’s representation of the North Atlantic Ocean-Atmosphere system.

The project will also produce high-resolution simulations of Ireland’s future climate using EC-Earth4 combined with a range of regional climate models. 

This will enable researchers to study the impact of improved modelling of the North Atlantic on Ireland’s future climate projections at a local level. 

These simulations will also inform updates to the TRANSLATE project, a 2-year Met Éireann project currently underway to standardise future climate information for Ireland.

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