Wind supplied one third of power in March – WEI

Wind Energy Ireland has released its March Wind Energy report, which showed that wind energy provided 33 per cent of Ireland’s electricity in March 2022.

However, Ireland’s dependence on imported fossil fuels for much of electricity generation drove wholesale prices to the highest monthly average since the Integrated Single Electricity Market was set up in 2018 according to the organisation.

Noel Cunniffe, CEO of Wind Energy Ireland, said: “Wind energy cuts our carbon emissions and is helping to reduce the impact of sky-high gas prices on the bills of Irish consumers.

“The faster we build new wind and solar farms, the sooner we can end our reliance on imported fossil fuels. We can become energy independent.

“The findings of latest IPCC report and the growing calls from Europe for quicker development of renewable energy must be heard in Government buildings.”

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