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Experiences over the past couple of years have highlighted the fundamental importance of the teaching relationship and the professional skills of our teachers to learning outcomes. 

Supporting student wellbeing, mental health and confidence are understood as pivotal in ensuring that all students achieve their best.

As SCFE we have a staff of highly skilled teachers who are qualified in a broad range of teaching methodologies as well as with industry specific knowledge and experience. 

Complemented by a pastoral care system supported by our guidance, counselling and learning support team our staff are well equipped to support the needs of all of our learners.

Future Focused – The Next Step on your Career Pathway

Sallynoggin College of Further Education has a long history of providing courses at QQI Level 5 and Level 6 as well as other industry recognised certification including ITEC, REPS Ireland, The Irish Board of Speech and Drama, IAOT and the State Junior Trade examinations. 

These qualifications ensure that students have the relevant expertise, skills and experience to gain employment in their chosen field with the option of progressing to Higher Education if they wish. 

SCFE College has a truly diverse range of courses on offer, many of which really suit learners who excel in creative and practical areas such as Art, Floristry, Fashion, Drama and Musical Performance, Hairdressing & Beauty, Sport, Fitness and Wellbeing. 

SCFE has a strong reputation for excellence in the area of Early Childhood Education, Youth Work and Social Studies and now also offers courses in Special Needs Assisting with Intellectual Disability Studies and Advanced Special Needs Assisting with Inclusive Education. Our Travel and Tourism courses suit learners who enjoy working with others and have an interest in travel and heritage.

SCFE Options and Excellence for Sport, Fitness and Wellbeing Fanatics

SCFE has a long standing reputation for standards of excellence in training for the Sports and Fitness sector, former alumni include Katie Taylor, Aine O’Gorman (Former Captain of Irish soccer team), Sean Mari (2020 National Elite Boxing Champion) to mention a few. 

While not all sports enthusiasts will become elite athletes SCFE offers a wide range of courses that lead to careers as professionals in the Sports Fitness and Wellbeing sectors. Our Fitness Instruction and Exercise Science is a great starting point for students wishing to become Personal Trainers or Fitness instructors or wishing to progress on to third Level to study sports and health related subjects. 

Our QQI Level 6 Personal Training with Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training and Sports Rehabilitation courses include highly sought after ITEC qualifications which ensure quality employment opportunities. 

Based on the success of our current courses and the demands of the industry SCFE have introduced new courses in Physical Education (PE) & Sports Coaching and Physical Education (PE) & Inclusive Education. These courses have clear progression routes to third level courses while also equipping learners with skills that are in demand in community based services and facilities.

SCFE continues to lead the way in providing an extensive range of Sports and Fitness courses with the now well established Yoga Teaching with Wellbeing and Holistic Studies and two options in Pilates teacher training with the QQI Level 6 Pilates Teaching and QQI Level 5 Pilates Teaching with Wellbeing and Holistic studies. 

These courses include additional qualifications in Massage, Reflexology and Indian Head massage giving students a full compliment of skills for the industry.

SCFE continues to ensure that our courses are up to date, relevant and future proofed to give our students the edge in their chosen field. 

Places are still available for some courses for September 2022. Applications for September 2023 will open in November 2023. 

For more information call in to one of our Open days or check out our website

What our students say:

“The staff ensure each and every student is supported along the way to achieve their full potential along with gaining confidence and still having fun.  Staff take a real genuine interest in all students, bringing out the best in everyone.” 

Anne O’Shea Clarke – (Graduate of Advanced Social Studies including Advocacy)

“As someone who dropped out of school and took a very different root with my education I was scared I wouldn’t be able to attend any college… My time in Sallynoggin was wonderful, I met many great people and really developed not only with my art but as a person… All of my tutors were extremely helpful and made my time there fantastic. I am so happy to continue my journey with my education, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without this course and college. I am so grateful to have studied here and I recommend it to anyone who is looking to progress and develop their art.”  

Julia Rose Hinchey (Graduate of Art Craft and Design)

“Not only did this course teach me the skills needed to become a versatile performer through the means of acting, singing and dancing, I was also taught professional development skills that I will take with me as I progress with my education… This year was unlike any other and the supportive environment of the college, alongside the friends I have made doing this course made the challenges presented along the way much more achievable.” 

Holly Campbell Fogarty (Graduate of Musical Theatre) 

“I would highly recommend Sallynoggin College of Further Education for everybody. It is an inclusive College where everyone is most welcome and where students mix well and interact with each other… It’s not just a learning environment, it’s a community also and I really enjoyed my time there”.  

Eileen Young – (Graduate of Advanced Training in Special Needs Assisting & Inclusion, 2020)

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