10 reasons your school should switch to VTSL Ireland

There are lots of reasons your school should use VTSL Ireland as its telephone service provider; from our award-winning, intuitive phones, to the features that schools need to make everyday tasks quicker.  


Schools are often split across multiple buildings and sites. With VTSL’s hosted system you can connect them all as one network for easy internal calling.


Low or no installation costs is an option for schools with no budget to switch providers.


VTSL’s phone system lives in a data center meaning its truly cloud based so no need for any equipment to break or maintain on site.


The Auto-attendant feature allows schools to set up an absentee voicemail box, that parents can access by just pressing a button when they call, saving time for busy receptionists in the morning. 


The absentee voicemails can be sent to email so that no one has to dial in and check them.


VTSL’s cloud-based system allows schools to truly upgrade to the lastest features and stay updated at no cost.


With VTSL, you can utilise and maximise the investment already made in your robust internet connections; no need to spend more on Internet connections.


VTSL’s low cost allows smaller schools to have full-featured phone system functionality. Many schools we meet have single analog lines due to costs and these are soon to be discontinued. There is no need to keep them now!


easily change out-of-hours and holiday messaging, amongst other things, with the click of a mouse.


No ongoing monthly maintenance charges and no call out charges with excellent call quality using the latest in broadband technology.

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