World’s first printed audio magazine for visually impaired children

Audio Mag Media has created The Fact Factory – the world’s first printed audio magazine for visually impaired children and other marginalised readers – readers with dyslexia, reluctant readers, EAL readers etc. It has been created in collaboration with the National Council for the Blind, Ireland and the Dyslexia Association of Ireland. Due to be published in July 2022, The Fact Factory’s mission is to make reading fun and accessible to all. 

The Fact Factory works by combining audio and text. The articles are made up of bite-sized facts, which are recorded by children and delivered through the characters of Andy, Izzy, Brody, Heidi, Sayid and Brooke. Each month children will get to know fun and interesting facts about animals, insects, the body, famous people, sea creatures and iconic buildings. 

The Fact Factory is a large print publication and is available in both digital and print format. The digital edition comes with videos, interactive quizzes and text highlighting (in time to the audio). The print edition comes with the G-Talk3 pen which enables children to listen, read and record every word.

There is also a special print edition available for visually impaired readers with raised icons to facilitate the use of the G-Talk3 pen. A Braille Ready File will also be available to download for each magazine for free. 

All of this combined is what makes The Fact Factory a truly unique and accessible read – The Fact Factory really is no ordinary magazine! 

Audio Mag Media is the digital imprint of News Mag Media, a publisher of award-winning children’s newspapers and magazines based in Leitrim, Ireland.

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