The New Primary School Curriculum

From 2025, primary school students in Ireland will be required to learn a foreign language as part of a new curriculum. The move is aimed at helping young people develop a better understanding of other cultures and languages, and will see language learning become a core part of the primary school experience.

The new curriculum, which is currently being developed by the Department of Education, will make it mandatory for primary schools to teach a foreign language to students from third class onwards.

In addition, the new curriculum will also place a greater emphasis on the teaching of computer coding and digital literacy. These changes are designed to equip children with the skills they will need to succeed in an increasingly globalized and technologically advanced world. There is also going to be an emphasis on wellbeing, with less time given to teaching religion

According to the Department of Education, the new curriculum will be rolled out gradually over a period of several years, with the aim of ensuring that all primary school students have access to high-quality language learning opportunities by 2030.

In order to support the implementation of the new curriculum, the Department has also announced plans to invest in teacher training and the development of new language teaching resources.

Overall, the introduction of foreign language learning as a core part of the primary school curriculum represents a significant step forward for education in Ireland. By equipping young people with the skills and knowledge they need to engage with the world around them, the new curriculum has the potential to open up a world of opportunities for the next generation of Irish learners.

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