New Artificial Intelligence workshops prepare teachers and students for the‘Age of AI’

The Science Foundation Ireland ADAPT Research Centre for AI-Driven Digital Content Technology is now introducing free modular workshop programmes to help primary and secondary school students navigate the Age of AI successfully and safely.

Empowering Students to become Scientific Citizens

The new programmes – Technology in My Life and AI in My Life – will empower students as scientific citizens who can understand, evaluate and have a voice on the role of emerging STEM innovations in our lives.
The workshops form part of the ADAPT #DiscussAI initiative, a major campaign of public events that has already engaged 40,000 citizens in learning, conversations and reflection on how AI impacts our lives.

Cross-Curriculum Themes

The teacher-led workshops emphasise the privacy and ethical implications of AI, therefore cutting right across the primary and secondary school curricula. Students will be encouraged to think critically and creatively, to work with others, and to communicate their views with confidence.
Modules have been piloted in schools with the support of Mary Immaculate College and DCU Access to ensure suitability for all schools.

“Almost everyone will need some knowledge or understanding of AI as it becomes embedded into our jobs and lives. Those who have the skills to work in this changing environment will benefit the most.” Expert Group on Future Skills Needs, 2022

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