Who are FIT?

For over 20 years, FIT or Fastrack to Information Technology is a representative organisation of the technology sector committed to growing Irelands tech talent pipeline. 

Our mission is to promote inclusion and diversity through our programs and courses, creating wider access to tech skills training which leads to exciting career paths and quality employment opportunities for anyone who has a curiosity and passion for technology

FIT will work with you and your students to grow more confident with tech, develop digital skills & literacy, upskill and increase awareness of opportunites in the tech sector for progresssion to a tech career.

Our experienced team of Tech Employment Officers are on hand to assist FIT participants through the duration of their course to employment and a desired career path established.

Our School Programme team offer support to educators and guidance counsellors to help increase access and inclusion for young people into the tech sector. 

We will work with you to enable young job seekers to meet the rapidly changing labour market and digitalised economy.  Through our programmes, students will learn about the world of tech and the pathway options to a tech career such as a Tech Apprenticeship. 


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