Tips To Prepare For The First Day Of School

Whether your child is just beginning preschool or primary school, or starting into a new school year as a returning student, there’s plenty that can be done to prepare for the school year ahead, including checking in about their anxieties and concerns.

As Summer  winds down, it’s totally natural for kids to experience nervousness after having been away from a structured group setting for many months.  Some children will be very excited about the thoughts of school, while others may need a bit more hand-holding.

If you have any specific concerns in relation to your child and their needs, no harm to contact the child’s teacher before the first day of school to discuss. As parents, you know your child best, so this contact sets everyone up for a smooth year ahead. 

What Can Be Done In Advance

  • Discuss the new routine with your child. Talk to them about their teachers/friends/new activities
  • Reading books about starting school with younger children can help to ease nerves.
  • If your child is starting school/preschool make it easy for them with easy to open lunchboxes/ drinks/velcro shoes/ practice opening and closing zips and buttons
  • Practice reading during the Summer so your child feels confident going back in
  • Get back into earlier bedtimes/getting up earlier before the big day
  • Try on the uniform to ensure it fits

What Can  Be Done On The Day

  • Get to bed early and up early
  • Have the  uniform/shoes/lunchboxes ready
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to school on time
  • The calmer you are, the calmer they will be
  • If your child is starting school and appears to be calm and relaxed, don’t look for problems
  • If your child is not settling, be guided by the teacher. They will have gone through this numerous times before
  • Be kind to yourself on the first day. It’s tough on parents too. Treat yourself to a coffee with a friend after drop off
  • Remember being organised leads to a calm morning for everyone
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