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OMW Supplies is a sports and educational equipment provider for schools, sports clubs, county councils, parks and for private customers since 2017. 

In their 6 years of operation, they have become an official partner of Basketball Ireland as well as an official Irish supplier of brands such as Dr. Dish Basketball, TeqBall and Padbol! 

OMW Supplies started off supplying and installing basketball and gymnastic equipment, but soon expanded into other sports such as football, tennis and badminton and equipment such as electronic scoreboards, thermoplastic game and court markings, outdoor sports tables and outdoor courts. 

In recent months, they have introduced new park equipment, expanding into playground equipment, outdoor gym and street workout equipment, as well as safety flooring for such. OMW Supplies cater to everyone with their inclusive park products to make sure noone is left out.

Countless installations

OMW Supplies have done hundreds of installations all over the country, no matter the distance. They have done countless installations for institutions like Sport Campus Ireland, providing a wide variety of equipment. 

The company have installed two full-size basketball courts, using their modular sport surface Courty, and installed multiple heavy duty inground basketball hoops for them. At the start of 2023, OMW Supplies created a brand new space for them, equipped with a wheelchair accessible swing, a wheelchair accessible roundabout, a full size climbing cube as well as EPDM safety flooring for the area. 

OMW Supplies prove that no project is too big or too small with a vast amount of private home and garden installations. Their expertise has allowed them to become the official partners of Basketball Ireland. For the last 6 years, they have been providing them with official competition size 3v3 basketball courts and competition state basketball hoops! They have kitted out basketball competitions and events  in Limerick, Dublin and Galway! 

FIBA approved

All of their basketball products are FIBA approved, and exceed the Department of Education’s requirements. Their Courty surface is a sports surface that is perfect for the construction or renovation of sports courts. It is widely used to build multi-functional courts. The surface consists of easy-to-install polypropylene modules, thanks to which you can quickly and efficiently build a sports facility in public, commercial or private places. Over the years, OMW Supplies have sponsored both teams and events in the North Atlantic Basketball Academy. 

Padbol – a new sport

This month, OMW Supplies are bringing a new sport to the Irish market – Padbol! Padbol is a dynamic fusion of popular sports. It combines football with skills from tennis, squash and volleyball to create explosive, action packed gameplay. It is extremely dynamic, and can be played by men and women of any age group. 

Padbol is currently present in 27 countries and growing at a rapid speed and aiming to be part of the Olympic Games. With their court surface expertise, OMW Supplies are the only Padbol court suppliers in the country!

As sport equipment specialists, OMW Supplies will recommend equipment fit for your space, no matter the size. In order to utilise all space available, they provide and install motorised, ceiling mounted basketball hoops that can be lifted and lowered for convenience. 

They also specialise in wall mounted basketball hoops with a folding mechanism for storing convenience as well as many height adjustable inground basketball hoops to suit any age group. 

For outdoor equipment, OMW Supplies ensures all their products are made from durable and weather resistant materials, as well as galvanised steel for longevity. 

Monthly email newsletter

For primary and secondary schools, OMW Supplies carries out a monthly email newsletter with their latest offers and deals! Additionally, they  offer a delivery service for equipment and products that do not require an installation service. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, OMW Supplies will have a product for you! 

Owner, Wojciech Weclawowicz, leads a hands-on team to ensure total customer satisfaction from the get go. With 6 years of experience under his belt, he provides the highest quality equipment and installation service and that’s why clubs and schools everywhere choose OMW Supplies for all their projects. 

For any queries or questions, contact Wojciech on 089 2095962 or at 

To view all of their products, visit

For all previous installations, you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn under @omwsupplies.

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