Imagining a better way to a Net Zero Future with our Bord Gáis Energy Academy

At Bord Gáis Energy we are on a journey to transform Ireland’s energy landscape. We are determined to lead the way. How? By investing in upstream opportunities to enable the transition of Ireland’s energy system to net zero. 

Over the last number of years, we have switched our focus from being a classic utility supplier to providing our customers with affordable energy management services that will enable them to be more energy efficient at home and live more sustainably.

To ensure we can deliver on this to customers, it’s important that we have the skills and expertise to install these new energy efficient solutions.

Apprenticeship programme

In August 2023, we announced our paid apprenticeship programme. We have launched this project in conjunction with Solas, with the aim of recruiting and training seventy apprentices over the next five years. 

Our goal is to create a skilled labour pipeline and open up sustainable career development opportunities for workers right across Ireland. This new apprenticeship programme will play a significant role in fulfilling this ambition.

It is designed to equip participants with a Level 6 Craft Certificate in plumbing, certifying them as experts in their field. This initiative will play a significant role in bolstering Bord Gáis Energy’s efforts for a Net Zero Future; it is a key part of our commitment to transform our business to become net zero by 2045 and to help our customers in Ireland reach net zero by 2050. 

At Bord Gáis Energy, we understand that trade apprenticeships need to play a much larger part of our education landscape. In fact, a successful transition will hinge on a workforce that doesn’t yet exist. 

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland estimates that 17,000 workers will be needed for the planned programme of retrofitting in Ireland. As our services and solutions business increasingly transitions to low carbon alternatives such as heat pumps and solar PV, we recognise we need to lead in the creation of this niche and in demand, renewable skill set.

We recognise that to build a more sustainable future, we need the best team. We also recently unveiled plans to expand our Home Services division, creating an additional 230 positions over the next five years. These roles will span various disciplines, including plumbers, electricians, gas service engineers, quality assessors, surveyors, project managers, and a diverse array of field and customer support positions and allows to deliver our services to our customers simply, affordably and sustainably. Job listings for these exciting opportunities will be featured in the Careers Section of the Bord Gáis Energy webpage.

Building sustainability

Building a more sustainable future does not only mean creating an energy supply, we are also focused on promoting socially sustainable practice. We have set ourselves a target that 30% of our apprentices will be female by 2030 – this signals our intent to increase the proportion of female apprentices in Ireland from its current low rate of 6%. 

We have made significant efforts when it comes to promoting diversity and inclusion within the organisation, including publishing our detailed Gender Pay Gap report and we hope that the apprenticeship programme will continue to propel us in the right direction. 

Furthermore, our apprenticeship training will be further underpinned by the creation of the bespoke Bord Gáis Energy Academy, which will educate and train smart energy experts. The Bord Gáis Energy Academy will support individuals in their career and equip them with the necessary skills to excel in this field of work.  

Skilled professionals

The goal of the academy will be to produce a group of skilled professionals adept at deploying cutting-edge, carbon-efficient technologies, from electric vehicle charging stations to heat pumps. These experts will also be well-versed in providing crucial energy efficiency advice to Bord Gáis Energy’s valued customers.

With the global talent shortage continuing to present a significant challenge to this industry and through the Bord Gáis Energy Academy and the apprenticeship programme, we are investing in the home solutions engineers of the future who will help our customers realise a sustainable future.

These actions are part of the bedrock of Bord Gáis Energy’s unwavering commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2045 and aligns seamlessly with the Government’s Climate Action Plan targets. 

This year’s application window closed on September 15th; despite this, eager candidates can look forward to future opportunities as applications for the next cycle are anticipated next year. 

We welcome all applicants regardless of age, gender identity, or background. By the close of 2023, Bord Gáis Energy will have welcomed twenty apprentices into its ranks, with an additional fifty set to join the programme over the course of the next five years.  Upon completion of their training, the apprentices will have the option to join Bord Gáis Energy’s service engineer team.

As Ireland’s leading energy and services provider, we at Bord Gáis Energy are committed to spearheading the nation’s transition to a greener, more sustainable future. With a focus on fostering talent and expertise, our company’s apprenticeship programme stands as a beacon of opportunity for those dedicated to shaping Ireland’s energy landscape for generations to come.

For more information and to learn more about the opportunities currently available, please visit:

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