Four reasons to walk the Camino with your students

Whether you teach history, languages, geography or simply want to boost your students’ sense of self-esteem and teamwork skills – walking the Camino de Santiago is perfect for your student group.

Since 2013, Follow the Camino has been offering the hugely popular EduCamino Tour – an educational tool for teachers who want to take their students out of the classroom and experience the culture, heritage and religious significance of the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Our Camino adventure sees student groups walk the historic last 100km of the Camino Frances, reaching the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and the tomb of the Apostle St James.

Thinking about going on an extraordinary school trip this year? Here’s why you should consider the Camino de Santiago has so much to offer…

1. Immerse your students in Spanish culture 

The last 100KM of the Camino de Santiago sees pilgrims walk through idyllic Spanish farmland, sample authentic Spanish food and of course, chit-chat with the locals. 

Students who are learning the Spanish language have a unique opportunity to use what they’ve learned to interact in the real world. You won’t get that in any school book!

2. Explore Spain’s rich history

The history in the Galician region is perhaps the most interesting in all of Spain. Known as the seventh Celtic nation, it is home to ancient relics, pagan folklore, and a colourful living history unlike anywhere else. 

Galicians are proud of their Celtic routes, and along the trail, you may be surprised to see Celtic symbols or hear the sound of traditional Galician gaita (bagpipes). 

The Romans also left quite a mark on the region, having official claimed Galicia as a part of the Roman Empire in 218AD. They left behind stunningly preserved landmarks like bridges, towers, walls, and aqueducts. 

Of course, walking the Camino itself is like taking a step through time, as you weave in and out of medieval hamlets past centuries-old churches and farmhouses.

3. A great sense of achievement

Equally important is the sense of achievement as you reach your goal and arrive at your destination after 5 days of walking. This is a great boost of confidence for students, particularly at a time in their life when students may need it most!

4. It’s easy to organise

Camino tour specialists Follow the Camino can organise group tours for up to 70 students, which include luggage transfers (if necessary), accommodation, 24/7 support and we’ll even come to your school and deliver information talks to help you get prepared. 

To find out more visit, email or call +353 1 687 2144
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