Robert Chambers Academy

Providing professional training for Irish and international students

Founded in 1982, The Robert Chambers Academy is the foremost hairdressing Academy in Ireland. Robert Chambers is himself an icon of Irish Hairdressing fame. He established the first formal teaching Academy to provide professional training for Irish and international students, paving the way for many talented hairdressers to learn and hone their craft. He recognised that learning ‘on the job’ was not  the most efficient way to teach students the intricacies of cutting, colouring and styling. In this he was very much ahead of the field.   

The core Academy course, the 16 month Diploma Course, admits students three times a year, usually March, July and October. Although students do not need to have any previous experience a passion and energy for hair is essential. This is a full time course and professional teachers with years of experience and expertise in hairdressing lead the students through the intensive, comprehensive modules.

Creative career

‘Our aim is to educate, stimulate and motivate our students by improving technique, precision and technical discipline,’ explains Tamar Chambers, MD of the Robert Chambers Hair Group. ‘Nurturing our students is very important. This is a creative career underpinned with discipline. We want our students to learn the professional way to cut, colour and style hair, to build confidence and have a solid understanding of modern hairdressing.’

The course covers the foundations of hairdressing before fine-tuning the core strengths. Modules cover aspects of theory, practicalities of blow-drying and dressing hair, Up styling and GHD styling. Perming and its opposite, permanent straightening, are covered as are advanced colour, highlighting and colour techniques.

Thorough grounding

‘All our students get a thorough grounding in the theory and application of all hairdressing techniques,’ says Tamar. ‘In particular we teach the best cutting techniques with the most modern approaches. All our students graduate as professional cutters – the cornerstone of all quality hairdressing.’

The Academy also covers the less tangible aspects of hairdressing that are essential for future career growth. It is vital that the stylist interacts with his/her clients, assessing their needs. In addition to salon etiquette, customer service is taught, with an emphasis on fully meeting, and exceeding, the expectations of the customer.

The new term begins in October 2019. Future dates to be advised. All interested students should visit for more information and to schedule an appointment to apply for a coveted place. 

‘Our students are the celebrity hairdressers of the future,’ says Tamar.

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