The County Museum, Dundalk

History – relevant, fun and interesting

The multi-award winning County Museum, Dundalk has everything a teacher needs – artefacts, interesting stories about fascinating people – all housed under one roof.  

Over the course of three galleries the Museum presents the history of Louth in a way that is relevant, fun and interesting. 

Using a combination of interactive, artefacts and handling collection the Museum provides the very basis for understanding history is a way that is immediate and enjoyable – here classes can learn about the arrival of the first people to come to Ireland; the arrival of Christianity; the impact of the Vikings and the Anglo-Normans all the way up to the 20th Century.  

Popular items on display

Among the most popular items on display include a three-wheeled Heinkel motorcar, a tobacco Indian, examples of trench art from the First World War as well as Oliver Cromwell’s shaving mirror and King William of Orange’s jacket from the Battle of the Boyne.  

The Museum’s handling collection features items associated with the Vikings and World Wars I and II, including objects as diverse as helmet, chain mail, ration books and gas masks.  

Tours can be arranged around specific events or themes and can be developed with the visiting group’s specific learning outcomes in mind.  Group rates are available.

More information may be had by contacting Brian Walsh at 042 939 2999.

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