Carlow College – Degrees to Make a Difference

Whether you consider yourself to be “woke” or are just socially conscious, choosing a degree and College that incorporates your values can be your first step into an exciting career path designed to make a positive societal impact. By choosing Carlow College, St. Patrick’s, you are choosing a college that strives to create an inclusive and transformative education experience where each student is valued for their individuality.

According to Assistant Registrar for Academic Affairs, Dr Margaret Murphy, “Carlow College offers a unique student experience – one, which is centred around an environment of community”.

“The College has a long tradition of supporting community and social causes – both at an institution level and by individual staff members. This commitment to ‘doing better’ allows students across all our programmes to make a positive societal impact during their studies and well into their future careers. Along with academic excellence, we value social engagement as one of our graduate attributes”.

A small college with a big heart

As a small and intimate institution, Carlow College fosters an environment of close contact with students and staff. This fosters an atmosphere of strong collaboration and provides students with direct exposure to leading academics actively researching in their fields. 

Furthermore, students are encouraged to develop their own voice and opinions on subject areas studied. 

According to fourth year Social, Political & Community Studies (PC405) student, Leona Wilson, “studying in a small College means the lectures involve a lot more interaction and discussion, which means you learn different points of view and opinions which deepens your understanding of the material”.

“Having studied at a larger university before coming to Carlow College, I feel the small class sizes are a key to enhanced learning and getting the most of our your third level studies”. 

Range of programmes

For CAO 2022, Carlow College is offering an exciting range of undergraduate programmes in liberal arts.

Three new programmes are being offered in 2022, namely B.A. (Hons) in Media, English & Culture (PC416); B.A. (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics & Society (PC415); and, B.A. (Hons) in Psychology (PC414 – subject to QQI validation).

Popular pathways for students continue to be the B.A./B.A. (Hons) in Arts & Humanities (PC402/410) and the B.A. (Hons) in English & History (PC411), both of which fulfil Teaching Council requirements for students to pursue a career in post-primary education (through completion of a Professional Master of Education), as well as the CORU approved B.A. in Applied Social Studies (Professional Social Care) programme (PC404) for students looking to pursue a career as a Social Care Worker.

The right support

There is a dedicated Learner & Information Officer at Carlow College who is on hand for all students to help you adjust to third level education and ensure you can access any and all the support services available to help you succeed.

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