Using Artificial Intelligence to tackle bias in recruitment at TCD’s Adapt centre

With the Great Resignation underway a lot of people are reflecting on their careers with some looking for new opportunities or a change of direction.

A new research project, LAIBRE, looks to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to remove any bias from the recruitment process helping to attract more diverse talent.
The project aims to eliminate bias across different Human Resources workflows with the help of advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. This project is expected to revolutionise the hiring process by providing equal opportunities for candidates with diverse backgrounds.
The research will be conducted by innovator and data expert, Kolawole Adebayo, winner of the Enterprise Ireland’s CareerFit-Plus Marie-Curie Fellowship.
Kolawole said, “I am extremely excited about this pathbreaking project. Hiring bias occurs when candidates feel excluded or are considered positively or negatively because of certain characterizations which have nothing to do with their ability.
“LAIBRE seeks to overcome this by implementing AI models that can understand the content of HR documents to remove content that can lead to unconscious bias and discrimination.”

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