New initiative to provide a new postgraduate upskilling programme for post-primary SPHE/RSE teachers

Funding will be provided for a new postgraduate programme to upskill registered post-primary teachers teaching social personal and health education/ relationships and sexuality education (SPHE/RSE) according to the Department of Education.

This programme will provide a pathway for progression for post-primary teachers interested in developing their skills in teaching SPHE/RSE and in so doing build capacity and leadership within the teaching profession in relation to the teaching of SPHE/RSE.

This programme will upskill registered post-primary teachers in SPHE/RSE. In the course of the programme, it is intended that each participant will be provided with high quality pedagogical content knowledge and will be empowered to become an effective and enthusiastic teacher of this subject. The design and delivery of the programmes should recognise recent curricular and other reforms.

The learning for participants will be grounded in an approach that affirms the right of children and young people to a comprehensive and inclusive SPHE/RSE that is inclusive of all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, religious beliefs, social classes and abilities/disabilities.

All modules will take cognisance of the relationship between these three core competencies: personal development, skills and knowledge.

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