Get the highest tax rebate possible

Irish Tax Rebates ensure you get back all the tax that is owed to you, for this year and the previous three. Our comprehensive review will check overpaid income tax, medical expenses, flat rate expenses, employment expenses, work-from-home credits, marriage & family tax credits.

This means you’re guaranteed the highest rebate possible. Plus, no rebate, no fee. If you’re not entitled to any tax back, we don’t charge a fee, so you have nothing to lose. And if you’re lucky enough to be owed money, we charge the lowest on the market at 7% + VAT or a minimum charge of €23.

You will also receive your rebate promptly by bank transfer. This will save you money and negate the hassle of having to lodge the payment into your account.

It’s time to claim what you’re owed, hassle-free. Apply online within 60 seconds and receive your rebate within 12 working days. Apply now here

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