Physical Education is coming to the Leaving Cert – what you need to know

When will the new Senior Cycle Physical Education Framework be available in schools?

Senior Cycle Physical Education Framework (SCPE) will be available on a phased basis starting with a group of schools in September 2018 (Phase 1).

How will schools be selected?

Phase 1 of the implementation process will involve a small cohort of schools who have the capacity to introduce the Senior Cycle Physical Education Framework.

What resources will be required in my school to be able to provide the subject?

Typically, schools will have:

• Access to a sports hall/suitable indoor space and/or outdoor playing area.

• Classroom space

• Internet access in the sports hall will be an important addition to support learning and assessment in SCPE.

What qualifications/experience is needed to be able to teach the subject?

Typically, teachers will have:

• A relevant qualification recognised by the Teaching Council to teach physical education

How many hours contact time will be required to teach the subject?

LCPE is designed for 180 hours of class contact time.

Will this subject attract CAO points?

Yes, the CAO points allocation for LCPE will be the same as for all Leaving Certificate subjects and will follow the Leaving Certificate 8-point grading scale.

Where can I access a copy of the specification?

The LCPE specification is available on the NCCA website at

How will the subject be assessed?

There are three assessment components in LCPE:

Physical Activity Project – 20% – Higher and Ordinary;

Performance Assessment – 30% – Common;

Written paper – 50% – Higher and Ordinary;

How will LCPE be timetabled?

The timetabling of LCPE will be a matter for the school to decide.

What is the difference between Leaving Certificate Physical Education and Senior Cycle Physical Education Framework?

Physical education in senior cycle is provided for in two ways: LCPE is an optional subject that learners study and are examined in, as part of the Leaving Certificate, with CAO points allocated accordingly.

The SCPE Framework provides a planning tool for physical education for all students in senior cycle and will not be assessed as part of the Leaving Certificate examination.

Can students who are taking LCPE also participate in SCPE?

Schools will decide whether students who are studying LCPE can also participate in SCPE.

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