BA honours in Geography and Outdoor Education, Mayo Campus, GMIT

What is Geography and Outdoor Education?

This programme combines the study of the Geography, Landscape and Adventure. Graduates will be empowered to promote careful use and management of an increasingly threatened natural world and to educate others in sustainable practise. 

Graduates will be well placed to manage the different priorities between rural landuses such as farming, tourism, outdoor recreation, nature conservation, forestry and alternative energy solutions. 

Graduates will also have the skills to deliver adventure programmes and interpret the landscape history of the countryside. Students work towards qualifications in adventure sports while building experience in implementing educational and adventure tourism programmes. 

Students also explore and examine the Irish landscape, geology, archaeology and ecology and realise the potential of adventure tourism, green exercise and nature therapy. Mayo’s mountains and the wild Atlantic coast provide an ideal location for the outdoor components of the course. 

Career opportunities 

Graduates may progress to the Professional Master of Education programme to teach Geography at second level. 

Graduates can pursue careers in the area of Environmental Management, Spatial Planning, Nature Conservation, Geographical Information Systems, Countryside Recreation and Trail Design, Rural and Community Development, Environmental Education and Activism, Sport Development, Coaching and Eco/Adventure Tourism. 

The therapeutic, educational, and developmental aspects of outdoor education are now widely recognised and utilised within many sectors in Ireland, such as schools, outdoor learning settings, youth organisations and social care settings. 

What will I study?

There are modules from six core areas: 

• The Irish Geological & Cultural Landscape 

• Environmental Science, Mapping, GIS and Ecology

• Rural Development and Tourism

• Adventure Sports Leadership and Safety Management 

• Developmental Psychology and Teaching/Facilitation Skills

• Health and Fitness, First Aid and Water Safety

Course Information

One day a week of your classes involves taking part in adventure sports on the local mountains, lakes, rivers and sea. In year 1 the focus is on gaining personal skills in the sports and then on leadership level training in the following years. 

There are also optional trips throughout Ireland and further afield which allow specialisation in a range of adventure sports. 

The remainder of the week involves lectures, experiential workshops or fieldtrips with an emphasis on active learning. 

See for more details on the course. 

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