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The Language Department in the Goethe-Instiut promotes the German language in Ireland through language courses, examinations and training seminars for teachers as well as supporting and advocating for German in the Irish education system. 

In recent years, the Goethe-Institut has further intensified its collaboration with secondary and third level institutions as well as supporting a professional network with these partners. This has been particularly welcomed by German lecturers and teachers, as well as the Department for Education and Skills (DES).

“Ensuring that Irish students are better prepared for a future in Europe where foreign language skills will play an increasingly important role”

The consequences of Britain’s planned exit from the EU could potentially expose Ireland to a wide range of political and economic challenges. Irish business has to diversify and seek new markets and is therefore increasingly looking to European markets, especially Germany.

The Department of Education and Skills is also committed to meeting these challenges by ensuring that Irish students are better prepared for a future in Europe where foreign language skills will play an increasingly important role.

The Goethe-Institut is committed to continuing its support for the cooperation between institutions by encouraging more regional networking and other activities and projects which promote German language in Secondary and Higher Education.

If you would like to join with the Goethe-Institut in the development of regional networks, projects or activities such as workshops, competitions or professional development events which could be organised from autumn 2019, we would be delighted to assist you.

For further information feel free to contact:

The Goethe Institut – A brief Introduction

The Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s international cultural network. 

Our role is to further understanding in Ireland about our country and language and to foster cultural exchange between Ireland and Germany. 

We do this through providing German language classes and teacher services, by running a German library and information service and through an extensive cultural programme, which includes artist commissions, residencies, special events and collaborations with Irish culture and language organisations.

Every year more than 200,000 people take courses at all levels at more than 100 Goethe-Institut abroad and the 13 institutes in Germany. Languages open horizons – regardless of where or when. 

Since it opened in 1961, the Goethe-Institut in Dublin has broadened the professional and personal horizons of thousands of people who have attended its German courses. But stepping inside the Goethe-Institut means an encounter with more than just the German language – it’s an encounter with Germany. 

You can get acquainted with the latest works by German authors, available in English and German, in our beautifully restored library on the first floor of 37 Merrion Square. 

Catch up on current trends and developments in present-day Germany (literature, art, culture, society and history) or relax with a German newspaper or magazine in our reading room overlooking Merrion Square. 

Our library is open to the public and use of books and media in the library is free of charge. 

There is also an e-library/ Onleihe service: the Goethe-Institut’s virtual library allows you to borrow digital documents, such as eBooks and eAudio books, for a predetermined period of time, by downloading them from our eLibrary (Link: Book enthusiasts who are interested in discussing literature written in German with likeminded people are more than welcome to our monthly book club. 

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