Young scientists stand out from the swarm

The winners of the 58th BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition are Aditya Joshi and Aditya Kumar, 3rd year students from Synge Street, Dublin, for a project entitled “A New Method of Solving the Bernoulli Quadrisection Problem”.
Professor Pat Guiry, Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry at UCD and Chair of Group Chemical, Physical & Mathematical Sciences Judging Panel said: “The students tackled the problem using the technique of particle swarm optimisation, an algorithmic approach inspired by the biological phenomena of the behaviour of individuals within flocks or swarms.
“The judges were highly impressed by their elegant work, their creative ideas and their excellent presentation skills. The students presented a new approach to a problem that dates back to 1687, while also identifying areas of possible application in contemporary engineering.”

Pic from Fennell Photography

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