TUI says campaign against pay discrimination goes on

The Teachers Union of Ireland (TUI) has said that it remains committed to ending pay discrimination, which it says was unilaterally imposed by Government on those appointed since 1st January 2011 and continues to see teachers and lecturers paid on different pay scales for carrying out the same work.
The union said that significant progress has already been made, including the reinstatement of the value of the Honours Primary Degree Allowance to the post-2011 Common Basic scale and the ‘skipping’ of points 4 and 8 across the various ‘new entrant’ scales (and also point 12 for current post-2011 teachers), which allows members to progress up these scales more quickly.
In October, TUI used the findings of the latest in a series of surveys carried out by the Union’s Principals and Deputy Principals’ Association to publicly highlight the significant damage that pay discrimination has inflicted on the education system, particularly in terms of teacher recruitment and retention crisis.

The following grades are still subject to pay discrimination, with separate scales for those appointed before and after 1st January 2011:
• Common Basic Scale (i.e. the scale for registered Post Primary teachers)
• Assistant Lecturer
• Youthreach Resource Person
• BTEI Adult Educator
• Adult Guidance Counsellor/Co-ordinator
• Adult Literacy Organiser and Community Education Facilitator.
Sinn Féin Education spokesperson Donnachadh Ó Laoghaire has urged Minister Joe McHugh to finally address the issue of pay discrimination among teachers, ahead of planned strike action on February 4th. “It is unacceptable that you could have two teachers sitting in a staff room on two different pay scales despite doing the exact same work,” he said.